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Dog Breeders In Pune

I am Shiv - for the past 13 years, our family is involved in raising Different Kind Of Dog Puppies in Pune City and Other Rural region of Pune District.

This Year In 2023, we have successfully completed our 17 years of journey in the dog breeding industry. At Dog Breeders Pune, you can find all types of dog breeds. With us, you can find heavy size healthy dogs, amazing personalities, and loveable baby punch faces as well as double bone.

Now Take Your Four-legged Friend Home Looking for A Family

Dog Breeders In Pune

Devoted friendship, unconditional love, and endless entertainment. Everyone knows that life is always better with a dog. Remember life is always better when a dog is around.

No matter whether you are looking for a friend who stays with you forever without judging you or an amazing guardian who can risk his life in order to protect your life, furry friends are definitely perfect companions.

Just spending 15 to 30 minutes with your puppy can make you feel relaxed and calm. This further decreases stress and increase happiness at the same time.

There are times when people leave your side, but dogs are always there in your good and bad times. They provide amazing unconditional love, emotional encouragement, and endless cuddles. This further eliminates social isolation.

We Cover Our Serivce In Below Part Of Pune City

To meet the varied demands of our esteemed customers, we offer services in different Locations of Pune And Pimpri Chinchwad City including:

Pune City

Pimpri Chinchwad City


Pune Rural

Taluka Places

Junnar Taluka

Ambegaon Taluka

Khed Taluka

Maval Taluka

Mulshi Taluka

Velha Taluka

Bhor Taluka

Haveli Taluka

Purandar Taluka

Indapur Taluka

Daund Taluka

Baramati Taluka

Shirur Taluka

Apart from these, we also provide our services in several other cities. The belief that we only offer 100% quality puppies and customer satisfaction has helped us to establish a huge base of customers and this continues to grow with time.

Dog Puppies For Sale In Pune

Are you planning to take home your favorite puppy or dog breed? If yes, then you have already arrived at your destination. Along with our dog breeding services, Dog Breeders In Pune is also indulged in offering healthy and adorable puppies for sale in Mumbai and Pune to dog lovers.

With a few mouse clicks, you can find several options of dog breeds that meet your varied needs.

Here are some of the Dog breeds we offer you for sale in Pune

Labrador Retriever Labrador Dog Breeders In Pune

The sweet-faced and lovable Labrador Retriever is considered the most popular dog breed. Labs are very friendly and often socialize with their neighbor dogs and humans quickly. Pune

Golden Retriever Golden Retriever Breeders In Pune

Golden Retriever is an energetic dog with an amazing furry coat available for sale in Pune

Cocker Spaniel Cocker Spaniel Breeders In Pune

Coacker Spaniel is a joyful and sporting buddy with delightful furry ears and is available for sale in Pune

Beagle Beagle Breeders In Pune

In case, you are looking for a playful companion with its signature drooping ears then our Beagle for sale in Pune is great. Pune

Boxer Boxer Breeders In Pune

Boxer available for sale in Pune is an intelligent, loveable, and dutiful furry friend Pune

Doberman Doberman Breeders In Pune

Doberman, a muscular and sporty dog with matchless loyalty is available for sale in Pune

German Shepherd German Shepherd Breeders In Pune

A large, active, and muscular dog of noble character, German Shepherd is available for sale in Pune

Siberian Husky Siberian Husky Breeders In Pune

Bring home blue-eyed beauty with an amazing appearance, Siberian husky is available for sale in Pune

Lhasa Apso Lhasa Apso Breeders In Pune

A thousand-year-old breed, Lhasa Apso is a protective dog available for sale in Pune

Rottweiler Rottweiler Breeders In Pune

An athletic and strong companion, now take home Rottweiler available for sale in Pune

Shih Tzu Shih Tzu Breeders In Pune

Well known for their friendly nature, and perky & happy temperaments, Shih Tzu is available for sale Pune

Pug Pug Dog Breeders In Pune

Short-muzzled and wrinkly face, Pug is a popular dog available for sale in Pune

Maltese Maltese Breeders In Pune

Loving toy dogs weighing less than seven pounds, Maltese is an amazing dog available for sale in Pune

Poodle Poodle Breeders In Pune And Mumbai

Poodle available for sale in Pune is the most intelligent dog in the world. It is very easy to train this dog Pune

Pitbull Pitbull Dog Breeders In Pune

With the most defining features, Pitbull available for sale in Pune is a strong and active dog Pune

pomeranian Pomeranian Dog Breeders In Pune

Pomeranians available for sale in Pune is an amazing pets for older people who wish to stay busy. Pune

English Bulldog English Bulldog Breeders In Pune

If you are looking for a perfect furry friend to bring home then get English Bulldog available for sale in Pune

Great Dane Great Dane Breeders In Pune

In case, you are looking for a pet that is playful, strong, and loyal at the same time then bring home Great Dane available for sale in Pune.

Toy Pomeranian Toy Pomeranian Breeders In Pune

Toy Pomeranian is a toy-like pet that will always keep you entertained and offer you the best company.

Labrador Puppies For Sale Labrador Puppies For Sale

Dog Breeders In Pune : A Perfect Place To Get Your Furry Friend

Are you a fellow canine lover and wish to escalate your love by bringing home an adorable puppy or pet breed? If yes, then give us a today and we are there to meet all your requirements.

All the puppies available at Dog Breeders In Pune are raised carefully to assure the best character, health as well as intelligence. One of the best things about our dogs is they come with a date vaccination certificate as well as a Deworming schedule. At Dog Breeders In Pune, we make sure that all the breeds are raised with persistent attention from our experts and hand raised as well. Right from the establishment, our motive is to raise happy, healthy, and beautiful puppies and dogs. With us, you can always be assured about the best KCI-registered puppies. If you wish to see our puppies then book an appointment beforehand. In order to meet your new puppy or solve any queries, feel free to call us or email us at the number or email address present on the website. We have specially appointed experts to answer the questions of clients. It is our pleasure to solve the queries of customers and help them to take their favorite four-legged friend home.

Get ready to experience immense love in your four-legged friend with fur and tail. When it comes to having a pet in the house, a dog is often the foremost choice. With time, the population of dogs is also increasing as people are now adopting more and more puppies & dogs. In case, you are a hardcore dog lover and desire to have a lovely and friendly puppy at your home then contact Dog Breeders Pune today.

We, at Dog Breeders Pune, are great dog lovers and are involved in offering top-class, champion bloodline, double bone, short coat, punch face, long coat, double coat, and dog puppies for sale in Mumbai and Pune. With us, you can find all the popular dog breeds in just a mouse click like German Shepherd, Labrador, Shih Tzu, Golden Retriever, Rottweiler, Cocker Spaniel, Beagle, Siberian Husky, and several others. On our website, you can find a wide variety of dog puppies. Just select the puppy breed and call us, and we will connect and help you to welcome your favorite furry friend at home.

shih Tzu Breeder In Pune

We Are Upright Dog Breeders

At Dog Breeders Pune, you can always expect ethical as well as efficient dog breeding services for your four-legged friend. Our breeding farms are made in a way that assures the full safety of the dogs. We also offer a safe and comfortable environment to the pets before and after the breeding procedures. Being the topmost dog breeders in Pune and Mumbai, we aid in providing the best mate for your dog or purchasing your lovable breed and taking home a lovely puppy. Remember we love dogs as much as possible and treat furry pets with extreme care. Nowadays, you can find a few dog breeders who carry out unethical practices of dog breeding. Sometimes, breeding is contemplated as a forced activity that is done against the desire of the dogs. At Dog Breeders Pune, we take of the dogs and puppies exactly in the way a dog owner and a dog lover would. No matter whether you are bringing your dog for breeding or just coming to take a puppy, we are always there to provide enough food and shelter along with love for little furry friends.

Reasons to avail of our breeding services

People from around the world prefer to avail of our breeding services due to the following reasons:

Maintaining precise qualities

Selective dog breeding permits you to conserve precise qualities like health conditions, physical characteristics, mental abilities, skills, and aptitudes relating to particular breeds of dogs.

In case, you are an owner of a rare dog breed and wish to preserve their qualities in the offspring then our ethical dog breeding services are a one-stop solution. We ensure dog breeding in a safe as well as secure way.

Dog Breeders In Pune Dog Breedes In Pune
Wide assortment of dog breeds

When it comes to bringing home a furry friend, everyone has their own choice and preference. Some people like to choose breeds that are highly energetic and playful. On the other hand, a few people like guard dogs and bring home sweet puppies that look like fur toys.

At Dog Breeders Pune, we are indulged in sheltering different varieties of dog breeds that meet the exact requirement of every dog lover.

dog Breeders In Pune
Acquiring healthy dogs

When compared to natural mating, our breeding services assure that healthy dogs are bred to attain healthy offsprings as well. Our staff assures that all the dogs at our facility are kept with utmost care that too in a healthy environment. This further ensures the great health of puppies or dogs without any compromise.

When you choose us for taking home a puppy bred by us then you will be guaranteed good health of a puppy both mentally and physically.

Faithful guides

Apart from being dog breeders, Dog Breeders In Pune also acts as a trusted guide at the time of getting your dog bred or purchasing a puppy. If you have any confusion or question about the dogs then give us a call and our team will provide you with full assistance.

If you are still on the fence about the breeding services, our doors are always open! Get in touch with us today and we will guide you through our breeding services and our role as dog breeders. Contact - 9168784651

Why choose us for puppies for sale?

There are three major reasons to choose Dog Breeders In Pune for puppies for sale:

Get healthy and properly bred dogs

As a popular dog breeder in Pune, we always believe in providing the best and most healthy puppies for every breed. We bred all the puppies in healthy and safe environments.

Medical assistance

Before you take home your furry friend, our team is going to guide you through all the medical needs of a puppy. To help you with regular checkups, vaccination, and other important medical support, we will connect you with some best vets in town.

Best deals

Since we have eliminated the role of middlemen for carrying out sales, clients can take their lovable & favorite puppies home at affordable and crazy deals.

Give it a try to our other services

Along with providing dog breeding and puppies for sale services, we are also involved in other services like dog hostel service, dog day-care service, and dog grooming service.

Ethical Dog Breeders In Pune
Your Trusted Guides

Apart from being dog breeders, we act as your trusted guides when it comes to getting your dog bred or buying a puppy. Whether you have any confusion or query about any matter relating to dogs in general or your pet in specific, our team will provide you with seamless assistance and guide you all the way.

We make sure that you get the best deal for the puppies you would love to pet and have an amazing experience as a dog parent Contact - 9168784651

Other Services We Offer

Apart from dog breeding and providing you with puppies for sale, you can avail of three other services provided by our team – dog hostel service, dog daycare service, and dog grooming service.

Dog For Sale In Pune
Pet Boarding Services In Pune

Dog Daycare Service

There are times when there is no one to take care of your dog at home as you are out for some important work. Without taking further stress, give us a call and avail of dog daycare service. We take care of every breed and offer them a safe, healthy, sound, and happy environment.

Dog Hostel Service

With time, the demand for dog hostels has increased to a great extent. If you are traveling out of the city and finding difficulty in leaving your pet then don’t worry. Our dog hostel service is the best solution. We will keep your pet in a safe environment and offer clean & hygienic food and water.

Dog Grooming Service In Pune Dog Grooming Service In Pune

Dog Grooming Service

There are several dog breeds that need massive and precise grooming to maintain their overall appearance and stay healthy. Our day grooming service can give perfect care to your dog.

So, whether you want to buy a dog or want to avail dog breeding service, Dog Breeders In Pune is the right place for you.