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Dog Breeder in Pune : Bless Your Life With Paw-sitive Energy!

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Woof! Woof! That's the sound of angels in the guise of a furry dog, who have the ability to fill up your life with pure, unadulterated joy. It is no wonder that 34% of Indians have a dogs as a pet. Being one of the best Dog Breeders In Pune, we have been passionately connecting dog lovers with their favorite breeds and making their life PAWSOME!

Saee Kennel : Get A Pooch To Bring Light & Happiness Into Your Light

Dogs are like your personal happiness squad, little balls of fur and joy. A pet dog will always be there to shower you with loyalty with a lot of cuddles. You will always have a source of unconditional emotional support when a dog with a wiggly tail is beside you. Plus, they're like fitness expounders in disguise. Playing with them, taking them on walks, or simply chasing them as they have taken your favorite t-shirt with some mischievous intention will make you embrace an active lifestyle. Oh, and did we mention the security? Dogs have got you covered! Their protective instincts and unwavering devotion will always keep you protected from potential threats!

In fact, they're adaptable too. These good boys and girls can be flexible; they adapt quickly to their surroundings and only seek love & attention. They are little social butterflies who like to snoop around, and find a play partner. By choosing one for yourself from the Puppies For Sale In Pune, you will bring endless joy into your life. Dogs teach responsibility and empathy. They're your playmate, stress-booster, and your judgment-free comfort zone. But wait, there's more! They are tickets to outdoor adventures, connecting you with other pet lovers and paving the way for making new friendships.

So, brace yourself for a life full of kisses, wagging tails, and a love that knows no boundaries. Contact us today for Dog For Sale In Pune!

Saee Kennel - Your One-Stop Destination To Find A Dog Breeders In Pune

If you have a special corner for dogs in your heart and want to bring home one, then Saee Kennel is your ideal destination. Look for a variety of Puppies For Sale In Pune. Our dedicated dog breeders in Pune have been raising pups with superior pedigrees and affectionate temperaments. With love for breeding the best breeds, we provide a doorway into a world of faithful companions and canine perfection. On our website, you will find all prominent dog breeds that have been bred ethically and with utmost care. There's no need to turn on your Google search box and compare prices! Our centralized platform makes this easy for you by featuring exclusive puppies with price in Pune. Contact us today and start making grand arrangements to welcome a precisely bred puppy into your life.

Ethical Dog Breeder In Pune
Dog Breeder In Pune

Puppies For Sale In Pune: Check Out The Breed Varieties

Are you in search of a cute Dog Kennel In Pune? You're in for a treat, then! You'll be smitten by the breed diversity we provide. We have a delightful lineup of puppies for sale in Pune that will steal your heart. We can help you find the adorable pup- whether you are looking for a cute Labrador Retriever, a cuddly Pomeranian, or a regal German Shepherd. We give our puppies the utmost care during their formative years to make sure they become sociable, healthy, and cheerful companions. Get ready to fall head over paws for our playful pups!

Beagle Mania! Discover Pune's most playful and friendly Beagle puppies for sale. They'll charm your socks off and become an instant family favorite!

Doberman Delights! Get ready for a pup that's equal parts sweet, protective, and oh-so-energetic. Our Doberman puppies for sale in Pune are guaranteed to steal your heart!

German Shepherd Greatness! Unleash the loyalty and athleticism of a German Shepherd. Our German Shepherd puppies for sale in Pune will become your ultimate partner in crime.

Golden Retriever Goldmine! Prepare for pure fluff and irresistible "puppy dog eyes." Our Golden Retriever Dog For Sale In Pune will make your heart melt with its gentle nature and boundless love.

Labrador Lovefest! Join the Labrador party with our Labrador puppies for sale. They'll bring non-stop fun, intelligence, and unwavering loyalty to your home!

Adorable Pugs! Get ready for cuteness overload with our Pugs for sale in Pune. These squishy-faced bundles of joy are known for their playful and affectionate nature. They'll fill your life with endless snorts, wiggles, and love.

The Royal Cuddler Shih Tzus! Prepare to be swept off your feet by our delightful Shih Tzus for sale in Pune! With their luxurious coats and irresistible personalities, these little lions will shower you with affection and be your loyal snuggle partners.

Spitz Fireballs! Our Spitz puppies for sale in Pune are a bundle of energy. With their fluffy coats and lively spirits, they'll always keep you entertained. Get ready for a lifelong friendship with these lively pups.

St. Bernard, The Gentle Giants! Our St. Bernard puppies for sale in Pune are the epitome of big-hearted love. They have a very calm and friendly nature. They'll wrap you in warmth and shower you with affection. Get ready for heart-melting moments!

Lively Spaniel! Discover the endless charisma of our Spaniels for sale in Pune. These affectionate pups are known for their happy wagging tails and loving personalities. Bring sunshine into your life with this playful doggo.

Pomeranian Perfection! Cute, compact, and bursting with personality. Our Pomeranian puppies for sale in Pune will make heads turn, and hearts melt. Get ready for some serious cuteness overload!

Rottweiler Powerhouse! Experience the perfect blend of strength and sweetness. Our Rottweiler Dog Kennel For Sale In Pune is bold, muscular, and ready to shower you with love.

Siberian Husky Sensation! Prepare for an adventure with our Siberian Husky puppies for sale in Pune. These stunning pseudo-wolves will turn heads and steal the show wherever you go!


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Dog Breeding Services in Pune: Zero-cruelty, Only Love & Care!

Our ethical dog breeders in Pune strictly stand against the stigma of irresponsible breeding for profit. We take pride in upholding the highest standards of care and integrity in dog mating, kennel nourishment, and accommodation. We prioritize the health, well-being, and ethical treatment of each puppy Dog For Sale In Pune. We believe in creating a nurturing environment where each puppy thrives, receives proper healthcare, and enjoys a high standard of living. We promote the campaign to put a stop to breeding abuse while promoting transparency, accountability, and compassion in all aspects of our operations.

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Labrador Retriever Dog Breeders In Pune

Labrador Retriver

The sweet-faced


Very friendly

Most populat dog breed

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Golden Retriever Dog Breeders In Pune

Golden Retriver


Amazing furry coat

often socialize


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Cocker Spaniel Dog Breeders In Pune

Cocker Spaniel


Sporting buddy

Delightful furry ears

Good Looking

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Beagle Breeder In Pune


Playful companion

Signature drooping ears


Fun loving

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Boxer Breeder In Pune




Dutiful furry friend

Active personality

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Doberman Breeder In Pune


Muscular Body

Sporty dog

Dog with matchless loyalty

Protective nature

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German Shepherd Breeder In Pune

German Shephered

Large Breed

noble character

Strick in nature

Active and muscular

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Siberian Hsuky Breeder In Pune

Siberian Husky

Blue eyed beauty

amazing appearance


naughty nature

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Lhasa Apso Breeder In Pune

Lhasa Apso

Thousand-year-old breed

protective Nature

very active


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Rottweiler Breeder In Pune


An athletic Body

strong companion

Strong build

Sporty Nature

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Shih Tzu Breeder In Pune

Shih Tzu

Friendly nature

perky eyes

happy temperaments


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Pug Breeder In Pune



wrinkly face

popular breed

Frindly and calm nature

know more
Maltese Breeder In Pune


Loving toy dogs

weighing less than seven pounds

amazing breed


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Poodle Breeder In Pune


Most intelligent dog

easy to train

very freindly with children

active and playfull breeed

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Pitbull Breeder In Pune


Most defining features

Protective Nature

Sporty dog

Muscular body

Know more
Pomeranian Breeder In pune


An amazing pets

active personality

Sporty dog

Keep you busy

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English Bulldog Breeder In Pune

English Bulldog

Funny kind nature


very frindly

cute appearance

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Great Dane Breeder In Pune

Great Dane

Strong build

Protective Nature

playfull dog


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Toy Pomeranian Breeder In Pune

Toy Pomeranian

Toy-like pet

friendly Nature

playfull dog

cute body

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Dog For Sale in Pune: Reasons To Take A Furry Buddy Home!

Ready to set out on an exciting journey with a cuddly companion? Once you bring home one of our lovely Puppies For Sale In Pune, you are sure to receive a never-ending flow of happiness, laughter, and love.

A Hilarious Companion For Life

Say goodbye to lonely days! They'll shower you with companionship. They will turn even the most mundane moments into joyful adventures. In fact, they are natural comedians who will put a smile on your face with their silly antics and playful nature. Their ability to make you laugh is simply paw-some!

Loyal Protectors

Do you know why dogs are called man's best friend? It's because their loyalty is off the charts! These furry companions will go to the ends of the earth to protect their beloved owners. Each dog breed has an inner instinct to keep its owner safe. In fact, some would even risk their own lives to do so! Breeds like German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and Dobermans take the matter of protection very seriously. Having one of them in your home is like having your own personal security on point. Contact our Dog Breeders In Pune to bring a loyal protector home.

No More Therapy Sessions

Feeling down and going through tough times? A puppy can be your ultimate mood booster! They can lift your spirits in no time. They're like little happiness agents, always on a mission to spread happiness. They'll go above and beyond, indulging in cute and funny activities just to bring you joy. Spending time with your snuggle buddy, talking to them, and simply being in their presence can magically make your worries disappear. They can brighten even the darkest of days.

Four-legged Fitness Coach

These amazing companions will make sure you stay active and on your feet. Most dog breeds thrive on daily physical activities. All it takes is to go a couple of walks every day. With breeds like Golden Retrievers, get ready for a burst of energy and excitement! They absolutely love indulging in physical activities. This means you'll naturally find yourself exercising while going on a refreshing jog or an invigorating hike, or a thrilling run with your furry friend by your side! It's a win-win situation that will keep both you and your dog in tip-top shape.

Kid's Partner in Crime

Dogs, especially puppies, are like little energizer bunnies with an innocent charm that matches children perfectly! When you bring a dog into your kids life, do it to teach them empathy, love, care, sharing and affection. Do not bring them home as gift or a replacement to a sibling. Dogs have their own place in the family, and must be brought if your family can take the responsibility. Childrens that grow around animals have more empathy, care of all species and love to give. Dogs naturally capture their attention and become their loyal companions. With breeds like Golden Retrievers, Pugs, Shih Tzus, and Beagles, you can even leave your kids and pets alone for hours without a worry in the world. These incredible friends will teach your kids important life lessons about responsibility, empathy, and unconditional love.

Brings The Family Together

Once you bring a puppy home, it'll become an indispensable member of your family. It's like welcoming a newborn child into your life. They will develop strong connections with each member and gradually turn into a vital part of the pack bringing the family together! You are only a few clicks away from bringing happiness home. Don't hesitate—reach out to us now and start browsing our list of adorable Puppies with prices in Pune! Your furry friend is waiting for you!

Dog Breeder In Pune

How Do We Help You?

Step into a world of tail-wagging joy with Dog Breeder In Pune. We make your dream of having a cute doggy reality! We've got an incredible lineup of pet shops, individual sellers, and ethical dog breeders in Pune waiting to introduce you to the "GOODEST BOY" you can imagine. Make your choice, and your job is over. We take care of the rest! Just give us the information about the puppy you want to buy, and we'll serve as your personal point of contact with the seller. Also, don't worry about the price! We understand the value of your hard-earned money and will ensure you get the best dog puppy price in the market. After all, we're passionate about these furry bundles of joy just like you, and we will give the best bang for your buck!

Puppies For Sale In Pune

Each seller and dog breeder in Pune we work with is absolutely legit and trustworthy. We've handpicked the cream of the crop to make sure that every puppy is healthy, happy, and ready to mingle in a new family. Whether you're a seasoned pet parent or diving into the world of puppy love for the first time, we've got your back. Have questions, doubts, or even silly inquiries? Shoot us a message! We're all ears and ready to provide you with all the answers and assistance you need.

Get ready for a life brimming with never-ending snuggles, amusing antics, and heart-melting moments. Start the search for your perfect pooch, and we're here to make it a joyful, stress-free experience. It's going to be doggone amazing!

We Are Upright Dog Breeders

At Saee Kennel, you can always expect ethical as well as efficient dog breeding services for your four-legged friend. Our breeding farms are made in a way that assures the full safety of the dogs. We also offer a safe and comfortable environment to the pets before and after the breeding procedures. Being the topmost dog breeders in Pune and Mumbai, we aid in providing the best mate for your dog or purchasing your lovable breed and taking home a lovely puppy. Remember we love dogs as much as possible and treat furry pets with extreme care. Nowadays, you can find a few dog breeders who carry out unethical practices of dog breeding. Sometimes, breeding is contemplated as a forced activity that is done against the desire of the dogs. At Saee Kennel Pune, we take of the dogs and puppies exactly in the way a dog owner and a dog lover would. No matter whether you are bringing your dog for breeding or just coming to take a puppy, we are always there to provide enough food and shelter along with love for little furry friends.

If you are still on the fence about the breeding services, our doors are always open! Get in touch with us today and we will guide you through our breeding services and our role as dog breeders.


Frequently Asked Questions

People from around the world prefer to avail of our breeding services due to the following reasons:

How To Choose The Best Breed For Me?

Choosing the best breed of Puppies For Sale In Pune depends on certain factors like your lifestyle, activity level, living situation, allergies, and family dynamics. Breeds like Huskies are the perfect choice for you if you are into activities. If you have limited space in-house, you can go for smaller breeds like Bulldogs. It is also important to have a clear idea beforehand regarding how much time and commitment you can dedicate to grooming and training. While Shih-tzu needs higher maintenance, beagles and Retrievers and Beagles are perfectly low-maintenance breeds. If you are looking for family-friendly breeds, go for pugs, spitz, and German shepherds.

Puppies For Sale In Pune
How Can I Choose The Best Dog Breeder in Pune?

A little bit of research can benefit you in locating good dog breeders in Pune. Try to go for reputable breeders who practice ethical breeding. You can also ask for recommendations from local dog clubs, veterinarians, or trusted friends who have purchased puppies before. It is important to visit the breeder's facility to check the cleanliness, living conditions, and health of the dogs. Never forget to ask questions about health testing, socialization, and the breeder's commitment to the breed. Our responsible breeders offer health guarantees and documentation of each pup well. We are genuinely interested in finding suitable homes for our puppies. You can surely trust us and choose our listed breeders!

Does Shedding Become A Serious Problem?

Shedding is natural for almost all dog breeds. However, some people can find it irritating since the house can be filled with loose hair. It can be managed through regular grooming and vacuuming. Consider low-shedding breeds or those with hypoallergenic coats if shedding is a significant concern.

What Are The Additional Expenses Associated With Having A Dog?

Apart from the upfront cost of buying a pet dog, there are a number of ongoing expenses to take into account. These can include veterinarian care (including shots, check-ups, and potential health interventions), food and treats, grooming, toys, and accessories, pet insurance, registration fees, training sessions, and boarding or pet-sitting services while you're away. Budgeting for these expenses is necessary to make sure that your puppy receives the love and care they deserve all throughout its life.

When Does My Dog Need Mating?

A dog's sexual maturity may be reached in the first year and a half of life; however, it is recommended to wait until the dog is at least two years old before mating. This is especially important for females in their first year of puberty. They are still cognitively and physically immature, just like humans. If your dog starts displaying roaming habits, he's probably seeking a mate. Although it's a natural reaction, it's also annoying. This problem can be fixed by training your dog.

What is The Perfect Age For Puppies For Adoption?

Puppies must spend at least 60 days with their mothers. The mother's milk contains antibodies that, like those in humans, help build the immune systems of newborn puppies and keep them safe from various diseases. The ideal time to bring home a puppy is generally agreed upon by dog breeders in Pune and doctors to be between 8 and 10 weeks old.

Which Breeds Are Kids-Friendly?

If you have kids at home, we recommend breeds like Bulldog, Pug, Golden Retriever, Labrador, Boxer, Beagle, and Pomerian. These breeds are tolerant and friendly. They have a family environment and get easily mingled with kids.

Is it Difficult To Train Puppies?

Puppy training can be challenging, but it heavily depends on the breed, the puppy's temperament, and the consistency of the instruction. Puppies are eager to learn and discover what's around them. In some situations, this curious nature makes training simpler. However, their lack of focus and excessive energy can be troublesome during training sessions. Successful puppy training takes time, dedication, positive reinforcement, and open communication. Starting early and creating a routine focusing on basic commands, interacting with others, and appropriate behavior is important. While it may take time and effort, with the right direction and tactics, training pups can be a rewarding and fun experience for both the puppy and the owner.

Is it Okay To Buy Mixed Breed Puppies?

Yes, it is perfectly okay to buy mixed-breed puppies. They are also known as mutts or crossbreeds. In fact, mixed-breed dogs are often healthier and require fewer visits to the vet than their purebred cousins. Also, mixed breeds have better personality traits than purebreds. At Dog Breeder Pune, we have the best dog breeders in Pune who sell both mixed breeds and original breeds at the most reasonable prices.

Why choose us for puppies for sale?

There are five major reasons to choose Dog Breeders In Pune for puppies for sale:

Dog For Sale In Pune
Get healthy and properly bred dogs
As a popular dog breeder in Pune, we always believe in providing the best and most healthy puppies for every breed. We bred all the puppies in healthy and safe environments.
Puppies for sale In Pune
Medical assistance
Before you take home your furry friend, our team is going to guide you through all the medical needs of a puppy. To help you with regular checkups, vaccination, and other important medical support, we will connect you with some best vets in town.
Buy Puppies online In Pune
Best deals
Since we have eliminated the role of middlemen for carrying out sales, clients can take their lovable & favorite puppies home at affordable and crazy deals.
Dog For Sale In Pune
Give it a try to our other services
Along with providing dog breeding and puppies for sale services, we are also involved in other services like dog hostel service, dog day-care service, and dog grooming service.
puppies for sale in pune
Your Trusted Guides
Apart from being dog breeders, we act as your trusted guides when it comes to getting your dog bred or buying a puppy. Whether you have any confusion or query about any matter relating to dogs in general or your pet in specific, our team will provide you with seamless assistance and guide you all the way.

Other Services We Offer!

Apart from dog breeding and providing you with puppies for sale, you can avail of three other services provided by our team – dog hostel service, dog daycare service, and dog grooming service.