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Doberman Puppies For Sale In Pune

Doberman Price In Pune

Haven’t we all wished for lean and muscular bodies like athletes? While every human cannot achieve such feats, we can always get a beautifully agile and athletic pet like a Doberman! Graceful, sturdy, and full of strength, Doberman dogs look like perfectly chiseled models and athletes! Once you set your eyes on these furry friends, it is difficult to look away! Along with good looks and strong guarding instincts, they also have hearts brimming with love.

Looking for Doberman puppies for sale in Pune? This page has been waiting for your visit!

In Pune, Average price of Doberman puppies ranges from 15,000 INR to 75,000 INR. Price May Vary on the quality of parents Lineage And Puppies Health Condition. Our Website will help you to find best Doberman price in pune.

Breed Name Doberman
Origin Germany
Breed Group Sporting Group
Height Male: 66 – 72 cm Female: 61 – 68 cm
Weight Male: 40 – 45 kg Female: 32 – 35 kg
Lifespan 10 To 13 Years
Intelligent, Energetic, Alert, Loyal, Fearless, Confident, Obedient
Price  15, 000 – 75,000 INR
Doberman Price In Pune

Saee Kennel – Trusted Doberman Breeder In Pune

Still finding a genuine Doberman breeder in Pune? Well, we end your search right here! Saee Kennel is a team of dog breeders and canine specialists who are dog lovers first. We help our clients purchase healthy and beautiful Doberman puppies in Pune. Whether you are a first-time pet parent or an experienced one, we will guide you effectively as you look for an ideal pooch. All our team members have spent several years in the dog breeding and selling space to give you the best services in town.

Also, Saee Kennel gives you the best Doberman price in Pune. We give more importance to your love for pets than the profits we make. We price our Doberman puppies keeping in mind the ongoing market rates and the money an average pet parent spends in Pune. We also keep middlemen at bay to control the Doberman dog price in Pune. Along with these furry friends, you can also find a range of different pet products at our store. Saee Kennel fulfills all your pet-related requirements at a single location.

Doberman Puppies for sale in pune

Doberman Price In Pune

The average Doberman price in Pune ranges from ₹15,000 to ₹75,000. The quotes you receive will depend on your puppy’s size, age, coat color, breed type, lineage, and other relevant factors.

Saee Kennel ensures that you get nothing but the best Doberman puppy price in Pune. We do not charge exorbitant puppy prices just to make profits. If you find any price to be too high, we will explain the reason behind the same. Above everything else, we value our client relationships and unconditional canine love. If you are unaware of the monthly maintenance costs associated with Doberman, we will give you estimates to manage your budgets.

Doberman Kennel In Pune

Spending time away from your pet is quite challenging. More than the longing, pet parents are worried about their furry friends’ well-being. If you are planning to go out of Pune, you can always leave your pet with us. With the best Doberman kennel in Pune, we house your little companion and look after all its needs.

All our breed-specific kennels are managed by experienced canine experts. With Saee Kennel, you need not worry about your Doberman’s health and fitness. We will feed, groom, and exercise your pet every day until you return. Being dog lovers ourselves, we try to be the best second parents to our clients’ furry friends!

Doberman Puppy price in pune
doberman for sale in pune

Why Choose Saee Kennel For Your Doberman?

We Know Doberman Dogs

All our team members possess unmatched knowledge about Doberman dogs. We have studied, bred, and nurtured a plethora of furry friends to give you all valuable information about your breed. If you are a new pet parent and do not know Doberman dogs well, we will make you an informed parent. With us, you can know your Doberman’s behavioral traits, set its feeding routine, and know the best way to train it before taking a puppy home.

Healthy Doberman Pups For You

Your puppy’s health is of the utmost concern to us. The health checks we conduct on our breeding farm help us identify puppies with heritable and other conditions. Ultimately, you get a puppy that lives a long life and stays free from various diseases. If you are new in town, we will also help you find the right vet for your Doberman in Pune. Trust us to be as concerned about your pet’s health as you!

Affordable Doberman Price In Pune

You will not find a better Doberman price in Pune than the one we offer! We pay extra attention to the prices we charge and the quotes we send to our clients. Saee Kennel upholds its reputation as the most affordable Doberman breeder in Pune. We ensure that you bring home an adorable puppy without putting undue pressure on your finances. Not only the puppies but the pet products we sell are also affordable.

Quality Pet Products For Your Dobbie

Now that we mentioned pet products, let us tell you that we have an equipped pet store for Doberman in Pune for our clients. Our team members will help you choose from a variety of local and international pet product brands. Whether you need a comfortable bed for your Dobbie or sturdy chew toys for your little companion, we have a plethora of breed-specific items at our store.

doberman dog for sale in pune

Safe And Responsible Doberman Breeding

These furry friends are too precious to be harmed by any of our team members! We love Doberman dogs to the core and keep all our breeding practices ethical. Every dog at our breeding farm is treated with the respect it deserves. Before you bring your little friend home, you will find it waiting for you in a cozy shelter on our breeding farm.

Services Designed Just For You

ThereWe have always stayed away from the age-old “one size fits all” approach. We personalize our services according to your specific needs, helping you purchase the Doberman puppy you are looking for. We will accompany you on your journey until the end (and beyond) as you become a proud Doberman parent.

Relentless After-sale Support

Saee Kennel continues its services even after you bring your Dobbie puppy home. After you become a pet parent, our lines are always open for you to call or text our experts. We will guide you throughout your way and help you nurture your little companion the right way.

doberman dog puppy price in pune

Smart and Loyal Doberman puppies available for sale in Baner-Pune
ID: 15220 Price: Rs.60000
Name Rocky
Sex Male
Location Baner-Pune
Contact 9168784651
friendly Doberman puppies available for sale in Kharadi-Pune
ID: 15221 Price: Rs.40000
Name Binni, Tutu
Sex Male and Female
Location Kharadi-Pune
Contact 9168784651
Powerful Doberman puppy available for sale in Aundh-Pune
ID: 15222 Price: Rs.38000
Name Gola
Sex Male
Location Aundh-Pune
Contact 9168784651

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