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Maltese Puppies For Sale In Pune

Maltese Price In Pune

You must have watched television commercials for hair products featuring models with long and silky hair. What if a dog sports similar hair that makes it difficult to look away from it? Maltese dogs should definitely drop their hair care routine! For now, you can become a pet parent by purchasing Maltese puppies for sale in Pune. These low-shedding dogs are cute, lively, and full of love for their parents. If you are ready to welcome this little ball of cloud home, we are here to help!

In Pune, Average price of Maltese puppies ranges from 50,000 INR to 1,50,000 INR. Price May Vary on the quality of parents Lineage And Puppies Health Condition. Our Website will help you to find best Maltese price in pune.

Breed Name MALTESE
Origin Mediterranean Basin
Breed Group Toy Breed
Height Male: 21 – 25 cm Female: 20 – 23 cm
Weight Male: 3 – 4 kg Female: 3 - 4 kg
Lifespan 12 – 15 years
Playful, Affectionate, Sweet-Tempered, Intelligent, Easygoing,
Apartment Friendly 
Price  50,000 - 1,50,000
Maltese Price In Pune

Saee Kennel – Trusted Maltese Dog Breeder In Pune

The dog breeder you work with has a direct influence on the kind of pet you receive. Saee Kennel is here to end your search for the best Maltese dog breeder in Pune. With us, you will be helped by professional breeders and canine experts throughout your journey. Years of offering professional breeding services have given us enough experience and credibility to help you purchase the healthiest Maltese puppies for sale in Pune.

Moreover, we do not charge you exorbitant rates for these pooches. With Saee Kennel, you get the best Maltese dog price in Pune. Our prices are decided based on the market conditions and our vision of helping dog lovers purchase affordable puppies. Once you come on board, we will show you a range of different puppies to choose from. You will also receive all information about these furry friends that makes you a responsible Maltese parent. Rest assured, all the puppies you see are free from genetic diseases and bred ethically.

Maltese Puppies For Sale In Pune

Maltese Dog Price In Pune

The average Maltese dog price in Pune ranges from ₹50,000 to ₹1,50,000. The price you pay depends on factors like your puppy’s coat color, age, size, lineage, breed type, and more.

A dog’s price also depends on the breeder’s reputation. As far as this aspect is concerned, you have nothing to worry about! Thanks to our reputation in the market, we give you the best Maltese puppy price in Pune. We give more importance to your love for these furry friends than the profits we make. You can rest assured that you will not spend a fortune buying a Maltese puppy. If you feel that a puppy’s price is too high, we will justify the cost to you. You can ask us any price-related questions and we will be more than happy to answer.

Maltese Dog Kennel In Pune

Leaving your pooch alone can be nothing short of a nightmare. If a trip takes you out of Pune, we will house your Maltese dog at our kennel. Rest assured, we have the most secure Maltese kennel in Pune for your little companion. You can drop all your worries about your Maltese dog with it at our kennel.

We have a breed-specific kennel for your furry friend to ensure its comfort and security. While you are away from your Maltese dog, we will look after all its needs. It is our responsibility to take good care of your pooch until you return.

Maltese Puppy Price In Pune
Maltese Dog Price In Pune

Why Choose Saee Kennel For Your Maltese Dog?

We Know Maltese Dogs

Our team members have spent years in the industry to know these furry friends. If you have any questions before, during, or after your purchase of a Maltese puppy, you can feel free to ask without hesitation. It is always better to be an informed pet parent instead of buying puppies cluelessly. Even if you are getting a pet for the first time, we will give you enough information to nurture your little companion.

Maltese Dog Breeder In Pune

Buy A Healthy Maltese

Saee Kennel gives you the healthiest Maltese puppies for sale in Pune. All the puppies at our breeding farms are healthy and tested for heritable conditions. Periodic health checks on our farms ensure that the Maltese puppy you get lives a long and healthy life. We will also connect you to a trusted vet in town to give your pet holistic medical care. Our breeders will inform you about all potential non-genetic health issues you should be aware of. Knowing the precautions and symptoms for these breed-specific conditions will keep your Maltese puppy healthy.

Best Maltese Dog Price In Pune

Our breeders give you nothing but the most affordable Maltese dog price in Pune. We breed and sell puppies directly from our breeding farms, eliminating middlemen and keeping the prices as low as possible. Our team members know how sensitive dog lovers can get about the prices. Considering this, we will also give you estimated monthly maintenance expenses related to a Maltese dog in Pune. This will help you manage your budget and manage your finances.

Breed-specific Products For Your Maltese

If you want to give your little fluffy friend something nice, we have the best pet store for Maltese in Pune for you. A single store will give you a wide range of branded pet products. Whether you want to gift your Maltese delicious treats or buy a sturdy harness for it, our team will help you buy it all. If you do not have enough experience shopping for your pet, we will recommend the best products for your Maltese dog.

Safe And Ethical Maltese Breeding

We love these furry friends as much as you do and do not harm them in any way. All practices we use for breeding Maltese dogs are safe and ethical. We have always believed in prioritizing these furry friends’ health and security while breeding them.

Personalized Purchases

Whether you are looking for Maltese puppies for sale in Pune or pet products for your pooch, we will personalize your buying journey at all stages. Once you approach us, we will handle your case with the utmost attention and tailor our services to your needs.

Maltese Dog For Sale Near Me

Quality After-sale Support

Our services do not end once you take your Maltese puppy home. We offer quality after-sale services to all our clients, helping them settle as pet parents. If you have any questions regarding your pet or its health after bringing it home, you can connect with us at any time.

Maltese Dog Puppy for sale near me in pune

White coat top quality Maltese puppies are available for sale near Pune Station
ID: 15330 Price: Rs.50000
Name Casper
Sex Male
Location Pune Station-Pune
Contact 9168784651
Responsive Maltese puppies are looking for family in Kalyani nagar-Pune
ID: 15331 Price: Rs.55000
Name Bobby
Sex Male
Location Kalyani nagar-Pune
Contact 9168784651
Beautiful Maltese puppies are available for sale in Viman nagar-Pune
ID: 15332 Price: Rs.60000
Name Dolly
Sex Female
Location Viman nagar-Pune
Contact 9168784651
Healthy and mighty Maltese puppies are looking for home in Pune-Baner
ID: 15333 Price: Rs.70000
Name Chikki,Pari,Raja
Sex Male and Female
Location Baner-Pune
Contact 9168784651

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