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German Shephered Puppies For Sale In Pune

German Shephered Price In Pune

Tough as a rock and sweeter than your favorite confectionary, German Shepherd give you the best of both worlds. These furry friends are tough cookies with imposing personalities. At the same time, they shower their pet parents with immense love and loyalty. If you want these handsome hunks in your home, allow us to show you healthy German Shepherd puppies for sale in Pune.

In Pune, Average price of German Shephered puppies ranges from ₹20,000 to ₹1,00,000. Price May Vary on the quality of parents Lineage And Puppies Health Condition. Our Website will help you to find best German Shephered price in pune.

Breed Name German Shepherd
Origin Germany
Breed Group Working Group
Height Male: 60–65 cm Female: 55–60 cm
Weight Male: 30–40 kg Female: 22–32 kg
Lifespan 9 – 13 Years
Intelligent, Amiable, moderately active, Determined, Excitable
Apartment Friendly 
Price  20,000 – 1,00,000
German Shepherd Price In Pune

Saee Kennel – Trusted German Shepherd Breeder In Pune

Saee Kennel ends your hunt for the best German Shepherd breeder in Pune! We give you the healthiest and most beautiful German Shepherds in town, ensuring that you have all bragging rights! If you have breed-specific preferences for your purchases, we are happy to assist you. From helping you choose a German Shepherd puppy to hosting your pet in our kennel, Saee Kennel is a one-stop solution to all your needs.

Also, we give you the most affordable German Shepherd price in Pune. Maintaining a pet can be expensive and we do not want to add undue financial pressure on your shoulders. Our puppies are priced reasonably to help dog lovers like you purchase these tall, dark, and handsome dogs! We also eliminate middlemen from our supply chain to keep the German Shepherd prices under control. If you want to purchase the right pet products for your German Shepherd, you are most welcome. If you want to visit our breeding farm in Pune, you are most welcome. Even if you want to spend some time with your puppy’s parents before buying it, you are most welcome!

German Shepherd Puppies for sale in pune

German Shepherd Price In Pune

On average, the German Shepherd price in Pune is around ₹20,000 to ₹1,00,000. What you pay for these puppies depends on their age, size, breed type, lineage, coat color, and the breeder’s reputation.

Saee Kennel eliminates breeder reputation from the equation, thanks to our positive market rep! All our clients have received the best German Shepherd puppy prices in Pune. We make sure you go home with an adorable German Shepherd puppy without spending a fortune on it. All you need to be is a responsible pet parent, and we will handle the rest! We even help our clients manage their monthly budgets. If you have no idea how much you will spend on feeding, grooming, and training your pooch, we will give you an estimate regarding such expenses.

German Shepherd Kennel In Pune

For pet parents leaving their furry friends home, not a moment passes without worrying about them. If your commitments bring you out of Pune for a few days, we will gladly host your German Shepherd. Our kennel for German Shepherds in Pune has housed multiple furry friends over time. Until you return, our professionals take full responsibility for looking after your pooch. We will feed your pet, make it exercise, and ensure that it has a good time with its buddies. Our breed-specific kennel will be nothing less than a second home for your German Shepherd. You can trust us to do our best so that your furry friend does not miss you while you are away!

Why Choose Saee Kennel For Your German Shepherd?

We Know German Shepherds

Our canine professionals and breeders know every breed we deal in, including German Shepherd. We all take our jobs seriously and pour our hearts into the same, especially because we deal with such adorable doggos! If you have any queries or confusion about German Shepherd, you can ask any of our team members. Before you bring your puppy home, we will give you valuable details about it. This will make your journey easier and make you a well-informed German Shepherd parent.

German shepherd puppy price in pune

Buying A Healthy German Shepherd

We care about every puppy’s health and give our clients the healthiest ones in the lot. Regular health checkups ensure that the puppies on our breeding farm do not suffer from heritable and other health issues. We will also give you all the potential illnesses a German Shepherd is prone to. If you are new to pet parenting, we will refer you to the best vet in town, too.

Best German Shepherd Price In Pune

We bet you will not find a better German Shepherd price in Pune! We keep track of the market trends and conduct periodic research to get our target audience’s pulse. Our affordably priced pooches help you become pet parents without hampering your treasury.

Buy Breed-specific Pet Products

Our services are not limited to giving you adorable German Shepherd puppies. We also have a locked and loaded pet store for German Shepherds in Pune! It is a one-stop shop for all your pet-related purchases. Here, you can buy your furry friend toys, treats, food items, harnesses, pets, and much more. You can also bring in your German Shepherd for a quick grooming session.

German Shepherd Dog Price In Pune
german shepherd breeder in pune

Ethical And Safe Breeding

While a few breeders tarnish the profession’s reputation, we do nothing to harm these furry friends. All our German Shepherd breeding practices at Saee Kennel are safe and ethical. Our breeders are in love with these little companions and nurture them with the utmost care. We have always believed that dogs deserve all the love and dignity in the world.

Complete Personalization

We personalize the buying journeys of all our clients, whether they want to purchase German Shepherd puppies or pet products. The services you receive will depend on your specific needs and preferences. We will also give you multiple options to choose from, whatever your requirements are..

Hosting Your German Shepherd

Before you leave Pune for your next trip, drop your German Shepherd at our kennel. We will host and nurture it with the utmost love. By the time you return, trained canine professionals will look after your furry friend and give it the best possible amenities.

Quality After-sale Support

After you take your German Shepherd puppy home, you can approach us at any time to get your queries resolved. We are committed to helping you become a responsible parent to your little one!

german shepherd dog price in pune
German Shepherd Breeder near me in pune

Playful German shepherd puppy for sale in Adarsh nagar-Pune
ID: 15234 Price: Rs.50000
Name Jon
Sex Male
Location Adarsh nagar-Pune
Contact 9168784651
Double coat German shepherd puppy available in Wakad-Pune
ID: 15235 Price: Rs.38000
Name Champ
Sex Male
Location Wakad-Pune
Contact 9168784651
Good quality German shepherd puppies are available for adoption at D.P. road-Pune
ID: 15236 Price: Rs.35000
Name Mona, Don
Sex Male and Female
Location D.P. road-Pune
Contact 9168784651
Heavy bone German shepherd puppies are available for sale near Pune Station
ID: 15237 Price: Rs.37000
Name Gogo, Rita
Sex Male and Female
Location Pune Station-Pune
Contact 9168784651
Strong and joyful German shepherd puppy for sale in Pimpri-Chinchwad
ID: 15238 Price: Rs.40000
Name Chingi
Sex Female
Location Pimpri-Chinchwad-Pune
Contact 9168784651

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